AG Framing

AG Framing's main objective is for each and every customer to be happy and fully satisfied when collecting their completed work. We love the expression (which we are lucky enough to hear often); "It looks so much better than I thought it would!"

We work closely with the customer during the consultation process to achieve the best possible outcome for their individual needs.

Our framing experience is rich and diverse. From valuable artworks and canvas's, photographs of every dimension, children's drawings or love poems on post-it notes to 3D objects such as football jumpers, sports caps, even a shovel, a tennis racquet and a smashed guitar. If a customer can walk it through the door, we at AG Framing, using our creative problem solving skills, can frame it. We love a challenge!



How I Started

  • the business owner...

    I have been a picture framer for 15 years now and, as a career, it still amazes and excites me. I have been lucky enough to find a job that is filled everyday with interesting art and objects, memorabilia, images and photographs along with the people who walk through the door with these pieces.

    problem solver...

    Workshopping the many and varied pieces with the client is a task I relish. With the client's opinion first and foremost in my mind, I apply my expertise to the consultation process. As my customer is the one taking the work home with them to enjoy for many years to come, this, for me, is the most important part of my job as their framer.

    the rationale...

    My philosophy is simple, I never want the frame around an image/art work/ object to be the first thing a person notices, but rather, for the piece to be admired for the way the framing has added aesthetic value to their item and how the particular style of framing has enhanced this item.

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